The "Kindness Kids Project"

By Rhonda Paglia - a Grammy Pags Stories for Kids Project

Kids are great! They do wonderful, kind, sweet things all the time. The goal of the international "Kindness Kids Project" is to show how kids, all over the world, ages 4 - 17, are showing kindness and consideration to others, regardless of race, creed, affluence, ability, or gender.

Kids, with adult supervision, have lots of ways to participate. They may submit original drawings, photos, write a poem or short story, or any combination, as long as the entry sticks to the kindness theme AND was completed by the child. The best entries in each age category will be compiled and put into the "Kindness Kids Project Book." Every child, whose entry is selected for the book, will receive a "Kindness Kids Award!"

You are welcome to copy the "Kindness Kids Project" information, and share with schools, classrooms, kids groups, and church groups.


Saint John Paul Elementary School, Hermitage, PA, grades K-4 for your "Kindness Kids" entries - they are AWESOME!! 

Artman Elementary, Grade 2, Miss Miller's class - GREAT Kindness entries.  Thank you!

I will be posting a few of the cool Kindness Kids entries in the Kindness Kids Picture Gallery!  FUN!!

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Kindness Kids Project

The Rules