Here's a little "Trouble with Chocolate!"

1. Easy / early reader books, reading level grade 1-3
2.  Special "Look Back in the Book" activity pages included.

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MEEDA AND ME ~ Beginner Reader Series

Sofia 'Sofie" Margaret, has two REAL imaginary friends. "Meeda" lives in Sofie's mirror, and sometimes she comes out!  Then there's the grumpy Woozler.  He's lives in the girls' backyard.  He doesn't like people and he's lost his treasure map.  The girls want to befriend him, but discover, it's not always great to have a Woozler in your backyard! 

Book #1 - Meeda and Me: Introducing Sofia Margaret and her best friend, Meeda.  
Book #2 - The Woozler:  Here comes that grouchy Woozler. He's moved into a hole under the apple tree in Sofie and Meeda's backyard, and he's lost his treasure map!  Sofie and Meeda don't know anything about his treasure map, but they want to be his friend, so they make him a very special treasure.
Book #3 - Merry Christmas, Woozler:   It's Christmas.  Sofie and Meeda are having fun, but it's getting cold outside.  Sofie starts to worry about the grumpy Woozler.  She and Meeda still want to be his friend.  They devise a plan to help the Woozler with a special Christmas message.
Book #4 - Trouble with Chocolate!  Sometimes, good intentions and "great" plans have a way of back firing in crazy ways. That's what happens to Sofie and her best friend, Meeda, in "Trouble with Chocolate!"  And of course, kids will tell you, that their parents never, ever catch the REAL trouble maker!!
Book #5 - Working title:  "What's a Woozler?" - 2016

Book #6 - Workng title:  "How to Train Your Woozler without Getting in Trouble"