Three Little Gnomes and the One-Bite Mystery

By Rhonda Paglia / Grammy Pags

Illustrated by Ratna Kusuma Halim

A NOTE FROM GRAMMY PAGS:  Three Little Gnomes and the One-Bite Mystery was fun to write, and I was delighted to work with the talented illustrator, Ratna Kusuma Halim.  She illustrated Book #1 - "Three Little Gnomes and a Boy Named Orion."  I've really wanted a Scottish character in one of my stories, and (spoiler alert) Nibbles McGibbles is the perfect fit for the "One Bite Mystery!"  I hope you him!    I also hope the Three Little Gnomes and the One-Bite Mystery will encourage lots of discussions, including topics like: wastefulness, co-operation, friendship, kindness, and cultural differences.  There are some "Fun Facts" about Scotland in the back of the book.  If you enjoy this story, I'd love a review!  Happy Reading!!  <3 Rhonda Paglia / Grammy Pags

What others are saying: 

  • ~ Loved this tale, the illustrations are charming
  • ~ ​Fun, suspense, and extended learning at the back of the book
  • ~ Valuable lessons sprinkled throughout
  • ​~ Patience and caring pays off in the end
  • ~ I would highly recommend it to any reader who enjoys imaginative children's literature brimming with important lessons.