PRE AND POST TEST RESULTS - Youngstown Tutoring Program

A.  85% of students both pre and post tested maintained 80% or increased vocabulary by 20% as measured by pre/post vocabulary test based on Matt ‘n Duke Rescue Road Warriors.

B. 72 of 72, 100% of regular attending students demonstrated learned knowledge through participation in shared knowledge to their school, family, or community through presentation, posters, service, or fundraising.


Special Features:

  • Nonfiction, appropriate for kids and adults
  • Reading level grades 3 - 5
  • Activities include: key vocabulary and definitions, comprehension questions, mapping skills, matching, and more.
  • Classroom quantities receive a discount.


Duke 'n' Matt, Rescue Road Warriors ~

USED FOR AFTER SCHOOL TUTORING PROGRAM BY: Youngstown [Ohio] School District,  Afterschool Alliance Program.  

Students learned about rescue dogs, care for animals, and volunteer service projects.

A note from Duke

Hi, I’m Duke.  I’m a red beagle.  Matt adopted me from Club Pet Adoption.  Matt is my best friend and we're a team!  We volunteer to help dogs get to places where they have a chance to be adopted by families who will love them.  We are Rescue Road Warriors!   You will learn what it's like to be a Rescue Road Warrior, where our dogs and puppies come from, and learn about pet adoption, and much more.  

See you soon!! Your Pal, Duke