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Beach Buddies from Doonsey Returns

Special Features:

  • Informational pages on ocean life
  • Facts about loggerhead turtles
  • Look back in the book questions
  • Loggerhead turtle coloring page
  • Examples of REAL Beach Buddy sand sculptures
  • MORE Beach Buddy Knock - Knock jokes 
    Read aloud, read alone, or a bedtime story

From Doonsey Returns

REAL Beach Buddies

Doonsey Returns, 
the Great Rescue, Part #2

Soferton needs help fast!  Her Beach Buddy friends are missing! If she can get a message to her friend, Doonsey, maybe he can help her find them!  Will Doonsey get her message? Will they be able to rescue the Beach Buddies?  And what's all the excitement happening further down the beach?  Will Doonsey and Soferton get there in time? 

In this new adventure, Doonsey Returns, the Great Rescue, Part 2, Soferton and Doonsey reconnect with the Beach Buddies they met in book #1.  They also discover some NEW little beach buddies who need their help!  In this funny, imaginative story, kids will learn that real-life actions can have a big impact on ocean life and the environment. 

The inspiration behind the REAL Doonsey.

Special Features:

  • Kids will discover the inspiration behind the "Beach Buddies"
  • Learn some Beach Buddy Knock - Knock jokes
  • Create their own "Beach Buddies"

Doonsey's Beach Adventure, 

the Great Rescue, Book #1

​Doonsey is a happy, friendly little crab who lives on the ocean floor. One morning he wakes up with a tickle in his tummy! He knows what that means!  It's an Exploring Day! Doonsey is so excited! Where will he go? What will he do? What will he see?

Doonsey decides to explore the beach, but what he doesn't know is that his peaceful Exploring Day will suddenly become a very busy Great Rescue Day!

In this first Doonsey adventure, he becomes a hero and makes some very unusual, but very special new friends. A beach adventure for kids who will want to create "Beach Buddies" of their own!!