Special Features:

  • Kids will learn more about Doonsey, Soferton, and the Beach Buddies
  • Activities include matching, math, puzzles, more knock knock jokes, and "create your own" pages.

Special Features:

  • Kids will see the inspiration behind the "Beach Buddies"
  • Knock Knock jokes by the "Beach Buddies"
  • Kids can  color and learn how to make their own "Beach Buddies"

Doonsey's Beach Adventure, 

the Great Rescue

Doonsey is a happy, friendly little crab who lives on the ocean floor.  He LOVES to go exploring! One day Doonsey decides to explore the beach. His calm, peaceful day at the beach suddenly becomes a very busy Great Rescue Day.  Doonsey becomes a hero and makes some very unusual, but very special new friends.