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Keep sending me entries for the "Kindness Kids Project."  Thanks to the Shenango Elementary class so Mrs. Bober and students!  It's very exciting to see all the different ways that kids are showing kindness to others.  The contest is for kids ages 4 - 17.  The entry deadline is June 30, 2017.  Entries may be e-mailed or snailed mailed to Grammy Pags - info found on the "Kindness Kids Project" link above.   Please share and Tweet about the Kindness Kids Project.  There can never be enough kindness!  #kindnessmatters 


My coloring book, "Jesus, Angels, and Very Special Saints ~ a Book to Color"  is here! I'm very excited.  

  • 40 pages ~ 8" x 10"
  • For kids and adults
  • 12 coloring pages and stories about the life of Jesus
  • 5 coloring pages and stories about the angels and archangels
  • Coloring pages and inspirational stories about 12 saints.  
  • A perfect spiritual gift for Easter, First Communion, Christmas, or anytime. 

This is a niche coloring book, probably most appealing to the Catholic / Christian community.   Here is an example of Saint Patrick.  

"Doonsey Returns!" is next on my list to finish before summer.  It's another beach rescue story.  Our little hero, Doonsey, is off on another rescue mission with his pal Soferton.  

 Until later - Keep reading to your kids!

Love from Grammy Pags

What else are you working on Grammy Pags?

Newest book by Rhonda Paglia

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Rhonda Paglia

​Hi Everyone!  

This is me, Rhonda Paglia.  I'm also known as "Grammy Pags!"  I used to be an elementary school teacher, but now I'm retired.  I live in Pennsylvania.  I've been married a very long time to my sweet husband. We have three grown children, 5 grandchildren, and a little dog named Bella!  That's a picture of me with our grandkids!  I'm having a lot of fun writing stories for my grandchildren and for other kids too!  Watch for more stories in the "Meeda and Me" series . . . oh, and "Doonsey" will be having more exploring adventures!  Keep reading!!  

Love, Grammy Pags